Monday, March 2, 2009

Obama in the flesh

I saw the Messiah today (if you believe Nation of Islam cult leader Louis Farrakhan) at the Maumee Bay State Park. My friend Carl and I had just finished walking the boardwalk (a great 2 mile stretch that meanders through woods and meadows near Lake Erie), and started to walk back to my car that was parked near the yellow-taped off area where all the Sheriff and Police are stationed for Obama's visit and Barack Obama was there shaking hands with tens of people. Looks just like he does on TV! ;-)

I walked right up and wanted to hand him one of my business cards (like I gave out yesterday to media, police and people), and was only 3 feet from him but that was when he was on the way out, was turning around to get into the waiting van, the Secret Service had open for him.

I wouldn't have shaken his hand, because that's a gesture you come in peace, without a weapon, and mean well. I don't believe Obama, a foreigner and fraud, means well for the United States. How could he after being indoctrinated by Jeremiah Wright and others in hateful Black Liberation Theology for over 20 years?

I don't hate Barack Hussein Obama, but I do despise the beliefs and the murderous and treacherous attitude of those Obama is known to surround himself with (from Jeremiah Wright to Louis Farrakhan to other Communists and Socialists and terrorists) since I love the United States of America and pray God Bless America. That being said, like the lady in Holland, Ohio told Obama this past Sabbath, "I won't vote for you, but I will pray for you." Amen.

If Obama's the Messiah...

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