Monday, March 2, 2009

If Obama's the Messiah...

Barack Hussein Obama, that foreigner and fraud, spoke in Toledo, Ohio yesterday at the Seagate Center. Afterwards I went down and distributed a few of my business cards with my book (Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall) and website address ( on it. Then I continued on to my favorite park in the area: Maumee Bay State Park.

I had just visited Maumee Bay State Park this past Sabbath with a Black brother, Baruch, who believes as I do (against the replacement theology of Sunday for Sabbath and pagan holidays for the biblical festivals, etc.) and joked with him folks would think I was Biden and he was Obama! LOL. We go there often to walk on the boardwalk and fellowship and enjoy God's good creation. We usually see some deer, besides a variety of birds.

At the Maumee Bay Resort & Conference Center I counted over 10 State Trooper and Sheriff vehicles, several police cars, a big trailor for what I reckon was a temporary Sheriff headquarters for the shindig, lots of secret service (who I discovered aren't allowed to take business cards), around 5 stationed golf carts (with a police officer in each) at angles of Maumee Bay Conference Center and some boat out in the water.

Inside the lovely Conference Center I was lounging in the lobby with some dignified senior citizens (one who had declined to be interviewed or photographed by the media), and I questioned aloud, "If Obama's the Messiah, why does he need all the security?" They chuckled and nodded in approval. What a waste of taxpayers' hard-earned money!

I continued, "And if Obama's the Messiah why is he staying at this expensive place rather than at the campground they provide, since this evening starts the biblical festival of Succot (Festival of Tabernacles) and he could set up a booth like Yeshua (Jesus) would do?

Of course, those who haven't been Obamatized, who aren't under Obama's sway and haven't fallen for Obama's demonic appeal, who aren't smitten with delusions of Obama's grandeur, know Barack Hussein Obama is not the Messiah.

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