Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blacks voted for color, not character

By Jan Willem van der Hoeven

What a great pity and shame that the vast majority of my African-American brothers and sisters voted for Barak Obama!

It makes me think of my late wife, a serious Christian Arab woman who because of her faith in a Jewish Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth, had come to love the Jewish people with all her heart.
She was once disputed by another Arab Christian who could not bear her biblically-based love for and dedication to the people of Israel who have now been restored to the land of their forefathers.

At the end of their conversation she said to him, "Audi, there is one big difference between us: You are first an Arab and then a Christian - an Arab Christian. I am first a Christian and then an Arab - a Christian Arab. And because of this we shall never come to an agreement on Israel."
This is the truth today regarding many of my black brothers and sisters in America. It seems, from their sad voting record for Obama, that their color drove them more than their faith.
How else could a real believer vote for a man who would be willing to legalize the very abominations which brought Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes by the fiery judgment of God?
And in case - as I already hear in my ears - some will say that I am a racist in regard to Obama, let me say that some years back another black man ran for the office of the president of the United States. Alan Keyes ran on an independent ticket.

I heard his wonderful Bible-based speech - full of love for Israel - in Washington DC some years ago. I think it would have been a blessing for the future of the United States if this man would have come to the White House. This all is not an issue of color, but of Bible-oriented faith and practice, that governs also our voting pattern! Not by color shall all men know you are My disciples, but by your fruit.

It is therefore sad that many African-American believers voted for Obama because he was black and very charismatic, and not because he was like Alan Keyes definitely is: a true, biblically-based believer.

This is certainly racism in reverse, and therefore I feel to address my words first and foremost to my African-American Christian brothers and sisters who after all, if they truly do believe, have been elevated by the living God through the blood of Jesus to become first and foremost His sons and daughters.

How could you, therefore, as sons and daughters of the living God of Israel, have chosen for a man who by his legalization of all that is abhorrent to God been the most liberal senator in America's history? Where was your faith; where was your Bible, when you made this choice, the result of which may well bring the same judgment on America that previous decadent civilizations bore?

As that prince of preachers Dr. Billy Graham once said; If God does not judge the West for its far-gone decadency, He will need to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Yes, I do understand that for many African-American Christians - after all their sad history of humiliation and degradation at the hands of many Whites - to see a fellow Black man rise to the office of president of the United States is a sight that would cause their eyes to fill with tears of joy and healing, as it indeed did for Jesse Jackson and many others. But where is the fear of God among us as believers in the Lord and His Word?

In Christ we are no longer black, white, brown, red or yellow. If we receive the Lord, He has given us the power and status of sons and daughters of God and we need to rise to that level - the level of the Kingdom, if we want to see His blessings on our nations as well as on our personal lives.

Where - therefore - are the courageous men and women of God among the black Christian community who will dare to go against the present stream and rise above the mere color of their skin and speak forth God's words and warnings, first and foremost as His sons and His daughters in the midst of this sad and corrupted world?
© Israel My Beloved

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