Saturday, August 8, 2009

Connection between Obama and adoption laws?

Received this email:

I haven't been interested in the birther idea but I saw something interesting on a yahoo group I belong to that if I was a birther I would follow up on. The yahoo group is interested in adoption issues so it is somewhat small and most people involved are so involved with adoption they pay little attention to many other issues. Anyway, if I were researching conspiracy theories I would look at two pieces of legislation that are in the senate now. One is the FACE act S1359 and S1458. They in part have to do with a child born outside the country being given full, retroactive, citizenship once adopted by an American citizen. Making it so the adoptee could run for the presidency. It is kind of a funny time for this bill because international adoption has somewhat come to a stop in the U.S. because of Hague Convention laws and the adoption community isn't nearly large or strong enough to bring something like this as far as the Senate. Maybe I just naturally have a suspicious mind but running something that I didn't want much publicity on through in an adoption bill would be a good way to fly under any radar. Perhaps you know someone who would be interested in just checking the bills out. And I emailed you because you were the first good google link I came across.


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