Friday, April 10, 2009

Exposing the Soetoro/Obama fraud

Eligibility judge backs off sanctions threat
Citizen grand jury indicts Obama
Keyes to appeal case on Obama's eligibility
Federal criminal complaint contends Obama ineligible
Justice, Supremes confirm getting eligibility challenge
Judge ripped for using blog eligibility hearsay
Suggesting eligibility proof gets congressman scorned
Eligibility bill hits Congress
Court: No need for state to check prez' eligibility
Did Supreme Court clerk torpedo eligibility cases?
Scalia: You need 4 votes for Obama eligibility case
Eligibility issue sparks 'edit war'
Wikipedia scrubs Obama eligibility
Judge: Eligibility issue thoroughly 'twittered'
Alan Keyes launches 'Liberty' blog
Republican senator says Snopes settled 'eligibility'
Senator: Eligibility is up to the voters
U.S. soldier gagged on prez's eligibility
More military officers demand eligibility proof
Obama eligibility tops AOL News
California used to check prez candidates' eligibility
Major General says president's eligibility needs proof
Eligibility lawyer argues for president's deportation
2nd U.S. soldier in Iraq challenges eligibility
Soldier questions eligibility, doubts president's authority
Senator questions Obama eligibility Alan Keyes: Stop Obama or U.S. will cease to exist
Keyes: President 'has something to hide' about eligibility
'Sanctions' sought in eligibility case
State lawmakers: Prove you're president, Mr. Obama
Congress sued to remove prez from White House
More challenges fail in Supreme Court
Supreme Court refuses 2nd challenge to eligibility
Status report: The eligibility issue
Supremes turn down request to stop Electoral vote
Join exploding demand for citizenship documentation
Electors challenged to investigate birth dispute
Last few hours to FedEx Electoral College voters
Supremes turn down request to stop Electoral vote
Eligibility question? FedEx Electoral College members
Not even Supreme Court can kill citizenship dispute
Supreme Court denies citizenship challenge
More than 60,000 letters sent to U.S. Supreme Court
Petition to see the birth certificate
Will Supremes review citizenship arguments?
Imaging guru: 'Certification' of birth time, location is fake
Chasm dividing Americans over birth certificate widens
WND launches new forum on Obama's eligibility
Supremes to review citizenship arguments
'Constitutional crisis' looming over Obama's birth location
Obama camp: Lawsuits by citizens are 'garbage'
Will Supreme Court have say in presidency?

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